The myth of Never Work Again

8:04 AM Sunday, November 13, 2016 adrian oh 0 Comments

Everyone, wants to Work Less, Earn More and Live the Freedom. YES, EVERYONE.

But there's a serious misconception about never work again.

Work is part of life, and it shall consumes a big part of our life. Homo sapiens, by nature, need to work.
We work, to contribute;

We work, to do meaning;

We work, to make a difference;

We work, because we enjoy the work itself;

We work, because our work gives us recognition;

We are part of the bigger society.

For the luckier ones, we don't work just for money (money is a man-made product), or purely motivated by money alone. We don't work just for food, and we definitely don't work to pay bills.

The real goal is to find something that you really love to do, that you enjoy doing, that you really good at doing, so that you don't have to "work" again another day of your life.