Mechanical Watch

7:08 PM Saturday, March 4, 2017 adrian oh 2 Comments

Why i like to encourage my friends to buy a mechanical watch?

NO, it aint about luxury. it is more Philosophical. 

Mechanical watch is about Life

You stop, it stops; 

You move, it is alive.

Yet it is not accurate like digital (0 or 1), nor quartz Just like life itself - it is organic, it is analog, it is fragile.

For me personally, Automatic (Mechanical) Watch is a reflection on that philosophy. 

All real man value time, that's why you got to have at least one automatic watch. 

Life is made of time, if you value time, you value life. 

When you die, it dies with you, too.

or you can pass it to your next of kin, then the legacy lives on.


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    1. haha. hope you like it. got your kids mechanical watches already?