Ikea Poäng Chair

11:01 PM Saturday, May 27, 2017 adrian oh 3 Comments

Poäng Chair - One of my all time favorite products by IKEA.

Debuted in 1976, initially know as POEM, 30 million pieces sold since, and still selling about 1.5 million pieces a year!

As an entrepreneur, I am always fascinated by products that have stood the test of time, that have sold millions to the mass market and still going strong. It just blows my minds away.

See the philosophy of designing the Poäng - The meaning
“A chair shouldn’t be a tool, that binds and holds the sitter; it should rather be a tool that provides us with an emotional richness, and creates an image where we let off stress or frustration by swinging. Such movement in itself, has meaning and value.”
Noboru Nakamaru, Poäng Designer

What makes it sell so well? Of course there's also Low Price - affordable by the masses.

Then follows by elements like timeless design, simplicity, comfortable, customizable, durable, easy do-it-yourself, a well balanced of form, function and quality, rocking (even armchair let you bend that feels abit like rocking)...

You can see this align well with one of the philosophy of Ingvar Kampard (Low price with a meaning), the legendary founder of IKEA. If you want to understand the success of IKEA, you have to read his philosophical thoughts at The Testament of a Furniture Dealer.

Have you got the Poäng at your home yet? Grab one, it's perfect for a relaxing reading :)