It's weekend, time for Movie! 周末了, 看电影去吧!

1:48 AM Saturday, October 5, 2019 adrian oh 0 Comments

I started working at the age of 15, as a part time waiter in a popular dim sum outlet in Bukit Mertajam.

But I would consider my first real, full-time job, was with GSC Cinema.

Just to share some of my working experience in cinema.

1) My 1st real job was at GSC (post SPM) selling tickets, popcorn and sugardrink.

2) The perks of working in cinema is the free flow of sugar drinks and popcorn. They cannot stock-check it, so as long as you consume it out of CCTV zone, you are safe. 

3) My two bosses are very smart people, especially Steven. He taught me how to play snooker and also the business aspect of a cinema.

4) But somehow they both were fat and smoked a lot. I suspected they drink too much sugar drinks. (back then there were no coke light or coke zero)

5) Cinema main profit comes from your food and drinks (its the fattest margin), not the tickets. 

6) The investment of a new cinema could take years to return. 

7) I barter traded some popcorn with some very expensive ice cream (which i can't even properly utter it.. haagen daaz Häagen-Dazs) with my newly acquainted friends working at the other F&B outlet. For the 1st time ever in my life, I learnt that you don't actually need cash to buy everything. 

8) I watched Titanic for almost 18 times, yes i cried. Unfortunately its censored, if not i could have watched more times. 

9) James Cameron became my idol since. His latest stunt was deep diving to the deepest part of earth - the challenger deep of Mariana trench at 36070 feet. I think he is one of the greatest explorer in the 21st century. 

10) Nothing can beat the cinematic experience of a great movie, especially when you fully immerse yourself in the story and you feel like you are part of it, and no entertainment is more affordable than a movie on the big screen. (ok, assume you don't count youtube, netflix or illegal streaming).

I am a movie buff and still loving the cinema experience. In average i watched 20 to 30 movies a year in cinema.

Its weekend, lets go for a movie!