10 Things I have learned about Learning

2:07 AM Sunday, April 26, 2020 adrian oh 0 Comments

What have i learned, about learning thus far?

1) Learning, just like education, is a lifelong process.

2) Sometimes to learn, you have to unlearn.

3) You stop learning only when you are six-feed under.

4) Learning, without it, there will be no growing, and when there is no growing, we feel like we are dying.

5) You learn much faster, when you learn something with a goal to share or to teach.

6) We often forgot, we go to school, is to learn how to learn. That's the best skill the school can give us (besides the networking), and yet, almost none, teaches us that we have to learn about ourselves before everything else!

7) Technology is advancing at such a pace that, what we just learned today, could be expiring in 3 months down the road. Yet, there are timeless principles and facts that won't change, we call those fundamentals.

8) A good teacher can accelerate your learning and understanding by 10x, and best way to internalize learning, is do learn by doing it. In sports, it is called those practise. 

9) There is always something to learn from the other people. Always.

10) Learning from other's mistakes, and not repeating it, is one of the best shortcuts you can take in life on your path to success.

#NeverStopLearning #NeverStopGrowing