Work Little and Higher Pay, Possible?

11:24 PM Tuesday, April 14, 2020 adrian oh 0 Comments

Chatted with a colleague, we talked about how people always want to work little, then get high pay.

Heck, who doesn't ? :)

Just one lil catch, which people seldom thought of.

I gave him an eg to illustrate the idea.

Try draw an X, Y graph of Pay vs Time

Then plot 2 dots, one with Lesser Time and Higher Pay vs Longer Time and Lower Pay.

Now, how many of us actually realize that the angle of the arc, are Values?

So you (actually everyone) want higher pay by doing little? 

Sure, so, what are the values you bring on the table?

Start by asking yourself:

Can I solve problems that others cant?

Am I talented or skillful in something? The top percentile of the industry?

Can I motivate and march an army to war in just a few sentences of wording?

If you can do something which most cant (gentle reminder: supply and demand always at work) and the market is willing yo pay for it.

Then you can work little, get higher pay.