3 Questions before I Sleep, Everynight.

1:06 AM Saturday, July 10, 2021 adrian oh 0 Comments

1) Have I learned something new today?

This is important, personally I see myself as a learner. Fundamentally, that's also one of my most important identity. That something new can be relate to our daily life chores like "How do we fry a perfect egg? " Or it can be something to do with making money, like one friend taught me how to do arbitrage trading for crypto, while another taught me how to do "Grid Trading" in Binance.

Two of the best sources of learning new things? Listen to podcast (on skills or knowledge you want to acquire, in order to achieve your goals) on the way to your work, and books!   

I believe we only stop learning when we are six feet under. Always be open minded and curious.

2) Have I tried to do something new, or something hard, or something that scares me today? 

Sometimes, learning alone is not enough, we must DO. Applied knowledge is often hardwired in our brain and could better serve us for life. 

It could be the new things I just learnt, that i can put into practice right away. Or it could be a new route which i'm taking to my workplace, or it could be something that I fear just do it. 

Doing something new, or hard, helps you to fire up new brain cell connectivity in your brain, while doing things that scares you (most of time, it is just embarassment of failure that we are afraid of), will make you build up confidence knowing you are pushing your own limits. 

3) Have I done something good today? (For somebody, or something a little help, a favor today) without anticipating anything in return?

Human climb up to the top of the foodchain because of our ability to social, to grasp a concept and to work together. We are social animal, we are part of something that's bigger than ourselves. 

To be happy, we have to contribute back, to the people, community we love and to the cause web believe in, without expecting anything in return. A little act of kindness, goes a long way.  (Pay it forward).

That's it. 3 Questions before I sleep, every single night. 

Sometimes, i get all 3 achieved, sometimes, i don't. But the goal is to constantly reflect, tweak, and be better at it as i know it will serve me well. How about you?